It's sad I had to start this website to warn others about my experience with Bill Currie Ford.

Below is my experience, but just to be transparent, I made no secret that three years ago I had filed for Bankruptcy. I provided court documents showing I had voluntarily accepted a waiver of discharge in August 2016. They approved my loan...gave me my vehicle, then two weeks later tried to have it repossessed! To Date, I have heard NOTHING from Bill Currie Ford, since posting this site.

 HOWEVER, I have heard from others who have had negative experiences. Accordingly, I will be adding pages daily. Click Here to see the latest info!

Here are the details...
Bill Currie Ford Sucks Tampa Florida

On April 20th, 2017, I went into the Bill Currie Ford Dealership in Tampa. I had already spoken to the sales rep, Don Graham, and he quickly showed me the vehicle that matched all the features I wanted in a new 2017 Expedition EL. I explained to him that I had filed for bankruptcy about three years earlier, but I had been able to obtain a "waiver of discharge" from the court allowing me to withdrawal from my filing.  I also told him it might be difficult getting me approved with this information, but he was confident that they could find a lender.  After we negotiated the price, deposit, trade-in amount, several iterations later he informed me I had been approved.

on to the business manager...

Bill Currie Ford Scam Tampa Florida

Don disappeared and a fellow named Greg Hawes, took over. I followed him to his office where he went over the terms of the contract. We sat down and he began printing out forms for me to sign and quickly placed form after form in front of me to initial and/or sign. He told me that the finance company didn't even request a copy of my court paperwork - I was approved! He further explained that I had been approved for a specific amount, and that he did not want to go back for a higher loan amount (so that I could include the national vehicle service contract and the optional acrylic sealant). I said fine, and stated that I still wanted to purchase it, and he sold that to me separately for a cost of $2725.00, plus tax - 190.75, for a total of $2915.75. I further agreed to pay a deposit of $291.58, with the balance to be financed over a 12 month period with a 0% finance charge. While this was happening, I called my insurance company and had them issue new insurance under the new vehicle.

Bill Currie Ford Liars Tampa Florida

Once the deal was complete, Greg gave me all of the paperwork including the temporary tag for the vehicle, and the keys. He then led me back to the showroom where Don showed up again, and told me he would then take my car to get washed and filled with gas (I had already been there two hours. Why wasn't this done beforehand?). Forty-five minutes later, the car was brought out to me and Don put on the plate, thanked me for my business, and I was on my way - in my NEW SUV! Once I got home and began familiarizing myself with the vehicle and the new features, I realized I had not been given the headsets or remotes for the entertainment system included in the car. I called Don, he apologized, and said I could come by the next day to pick them up. I was constrained by work to make it, so I had a friend stop by for me and pick them up. No issues there. Then on the following Monday (5 days later), I was contacted by Don saying now the company that approved me for the credit wanted the documents from the court for their file. He stated that Bill Currie had thrown them away, so he needed a new copy. I forwarded him the documents via email (see below). He later called me and said the finance company was still showing my BK as being open. I told him I was assured it was not and they could contact my BK attorney for verification and any clarification they needed.

Bill Currie Ford Fraud Tampa Florida

Then eight days after the sale, I get an email from Greg Hawes stating that he still had not heard from my BK attorney and needed to get this resolved. I understood his request, and reached out to her to no avail. After all, she was my FORMER BK attorney and had no incentive to immediately return my calls or theirs. Nonetheless, I continued to try to help get their questions answered. Then on May 1, 2017 (eleven days after the sale), Greg Hawes sent an email stating that if it wasn't resolved soon, I would have to return the vehicle! I responded the next day that I had contacted an attorney regarding the legality of trying to take the vehicle back, and then I finally heard from their General Sales Manager, Jay Simison. After a couple of emails, I heard nothing else (and no one tried to call or email my attorney). Then, on Friday, May 5, 2017 (15 days after the sale), I arrived home to find a notice from a REPO company demanding I contact them! My attorney reached out to both, but no one responded to his calls. Then, on Monday, May 8th, 2017, the REPO company called and left a voicemail demanding I return the vehicle. Ironically, the vehicle they described, was not even close to the vehicle I had purchased!

Bill Currie Ford Sucks More Tampa Florida

Enter My attorney:  He spoke with Bill Currie Ford and they told him they have the right to demand the car back for up to THIRTY DAYS after the sale! BEWARE if you are buying a vehicle from them, especially considering this is part of their STANDARD finance contract. Who knows what other "gems" they have in all the forms you sign. ***UPDATE*** I was informed by my attorney that Bill Currie Ford may be guilty of Slander and defamation. It seems as though Greg Hawes told the REPO company, that I had committed fraud on the credit application because I knew I was still in bankruptcy. THIS IS PATENTLY FALSE! I hid nothing about it and brought in my documents. They had to try numerous lending agencies before getting me approved. They have just compounded their mistakes!

Bill Currie Ford Scam Tampa Florida

Making a bad situation worse. So what does Bill Currie do next?  They hire another repo firm who also comes to my home and my place of work in an attempt to both embarrass and bully me into giving them back the car they sold me!. Bill Currie continued to escalate the matter and had their attorney file a complaint against me and ultimately we went to court.  FIVE MONTHS later, we went to court, and the judge decided we would undo the whole deal, they would refund all deposits and monies I expended as well as return my trade-in vehicle (can you believe it was on their lot for over five months).  Three days later I was APPROVED for financing through FORD MOTOR CREDIT and purchased an almost identical vehicle from Bartow Ford. Not only was the vehicle substantially less, I was able to take advantage of rebates not available in April when I first purchased a vehicle from Bill Currie.  AND, the finance rate from Ford Motor Credit was SUBSTANTIALLY lower than the financing from AmeriCredit.  The reason Ford Motor Credit was able to approve me now is because the final paperwork had been filed as we had told them back in June.  Heck, Bill Currie could have tried to get me approved again, but they were hell-bent on taking the vehicle they sold me back.  My attorney told their attorney in June of 2017 that the paperwork had been filed.  Why didn't they just try to get me financed then?  Anyway, it worked out for the best for me.  I am with a great dealership and LOVE my new Expedition.  If you are in the market for a new vehicle, I would recommend you RUN to BARTOW FORD and get treated like family.  Here is the site I created for them:

Bill Currie Ford Sucks More Tampa Florida

Bill Currie Ford might have once been a good dealership, but just look at the recent YELP reviews and see how they have turned into a churn and burn dealership who could care less about their customer (or victim as they probably see it).   Click Here to see for yourself.

Can I, or anyone, ever trust bill Currie ford again?

They obviously don't care about my business or experience. Well, I care and don't want others to get taken by Bill Currie Ford, like I have. This is why this site is up and will stay up. If you have a similar experience with Bill Currie Ford and want to share it here, feel free to contact me at



    Bill Currie Ford Sucks More Tampa Florida

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